An iconic species of the American West, the gray wolf (Canis lupus) represents the largest member of the Canid family and the third largest carnivore found in the Pacific West. Though wolves dominated the North American landscape in the past, persecution by humans through the 1930’s caused wolf populations to plummet, leaving one small segmented population in Minnesota and Michigan.

Over the last few decades with the help of conservation and recovery efforts, wolves have rebounded in some regions. While wolves have made a promising comeback, they only occupy between approximately 5-15% of their historic range. As they slowly make their way back into their former habitats, help us welcome them back!

Pups from the new Fivemile Pack caught on remote camera on USFS land in Morrow County. Photo by ODFW.

Our Mission: 

To optimize an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting wolves in the Pacific West. Together, we hold a common vision where wolves once again play a positive, meaningful, and sustainable role on the landscape and in our culture.

As wolves return to the Pacific states of California, Oregon, and Washington, they do so on a vastly different social, political, and ecological landscape than elsewhere in the country. This creates opportunities and challenges unique to the region. Members of the Pacific Wolf Coalition seek to efficiently and effectively achieve that shared vision while honoring each member organization’s unique values, strengths, and goals.


The Pacific Wolf Coalition envisions significant and sustainable populations of wolves restored across their historic habitats in Washington, Oregon, and California, filling their critical roles in nature, and providing hope and inspiration to communities across the region.

OR-11, a male pup (born spring 2011) from the Walla Walla pack, waking up from anesthesia after being radio-collared on Oct. 25, 2011. It was the second wolf in the pack to be collared. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

Gray Wolf Recovery Goals

The Pacific Wolf Coalition is working to achieve the following goals:

  1. Ensure wolf packs disperse to and occupy suitable habitat throughout Washington, Oregon, and northern California.
  2. Maintain genetic connectivity with adjacent populations.
  3. Fill their critical role on the landscape.
  4. Ensure recovery is sustainable over time.

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