wolf image 3 - pup and female, ODFW

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Celebrating Wolves This Week, This Month and All Year Long
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Autumn 2017 Greetings
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Unity and Forest Relationships
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Making A Difference
[July 2017]

Summer Greetings from the Pacific Wolf Coalition

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Common Ground
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Spring Salutations
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Wildlife Adoration and Admiration
[February 2017]

Wildlife Ambassadors Needed

[January 2017]

Happy New Year from the Pacific Wolf Coalition
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The Pacific Wolf Coalition Thanks You
[November 2016]

October Greetings from the Pacific Wolf Coalition
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Autumn Greetings from the Pacific Wolf Coalition
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The Art of Wolf Conservation and Recovery
[August 2016]

Stories from the Packs
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Happy Summer!
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Conservation is the Conversation
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Happy Earth Day!
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Spring Greetings from the Pacific Wolf Coalition
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For the Love of Wolves
[February 2016]

Happy New Year from the Pacific Wolf Coalition!
[January 2016]
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Welcome to the Pacific Wolf Coalition!
[December 2015]
News from 2015, 2014, 2013:

2015 NEWS:

Legal Challenge Filed Over Removal of Protections From Oregon’s Gray Wolves
Press Release: Cascadia Wildlands, Oregon Wild, CBD – December 30, 2015

Ruling bars federal Wildlife Services Program from killing wolves
Methow Valley News – December 23, 2015

California Releases Gray Wolf Management Plan
Press Release: Center for Biological Diversity – December 3, 2015

New Wolf Pack Confirmed in North-Central Washington
Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) – November 24, 2015

Officials remove wolf from endangered species list
Associated Press – November 10, 2015

Scientists Slam Oregon’s ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ Proposal to Remove Wolf Protections
Press Release: Center for Biological Diversity – October 29, 2015

Wolf OR-7’s collar no longer working
The Bulletin – October 28, 2015

Wolf News: Results of lab analysis of scat collected from the Shasta Pack
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife – October 5, 2015

Criminal investigation follows death of two wolves
Statesman Journal – September 17, 2015

Wolf Pack Returns to California for the First Time in Nearly 100 Years
Take Part – August 20, 2015

Two new pups confirmed for Rogue Pack
Herald and News – August 4, 2015

Roll Out the Welcome Mat For Wolves in California – They’re Back!
Defenders of Wildlife – August 3, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grants $15 million to global conservation efforts
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – July 14, 2015

World’s Most Famous Wolf Has a Second Set of Pups
Take Part – July 8, 2015

Video: OR-7’s sub-adult pups playing, OR-7 sires second litter of pups
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Center for Biological Diversity – July 7, 2015

The Big, Good Wolf: Real Lives of Alpha Males
Huffington Post – June 10, 2015

Wolf allies, foes prep for battle as Oregon reconsiders endangered status
The Oregonian – June 2015

Pacific Wolf Coalition comments on wolf delisting in Oregon
Pacific Wolf Coalition – April 17, 2015

Wolves in eastern Oregon are returning home – and its started a culture war

The Guardian – March 17, 2015

2014 NEWS:

Range Riders help protect against wolves
The Wenatchee World – December 18, 2014

Wolf kills increase livestock deaths, WSU study says
The Spokesman Review – December 4, 2014

Lone Gray Wolf Traveled 450 Miles to Grand Canyon, DNA Confirms
NBC News – November 24, 2014

The Howling: The return of wolves stirs up old hostilities between rural and urban Oregonians
Willamette Week – October 29, 2014

2013 NEWS:

Ore. wandering wolf OR-7 takes day trip to Calif
The Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News – December 10, 2013

Proposal to stop protecting gray wolf stirs controversy
By Raju Chebium, USA Today – December 8, 2013

WSU to study wolf, cattle behavior
By Matthew Weaver, Ag Capital Press – December 5, 2013

ODFW confirms attack by Snake River wolf pack
Associated Press, Albany Democrat Herald – December 1, 2013

Gray wolf still needs endangered-species protection (2 letters)
Letters to the Editor, The Denver Post – December 1, 2013

Hunt for elk proves more challenging
By Becky Kramer, The Spokesman Review – November 30, 2013

Safety Valve: Letters from readers
Letters to the Editor, The Wenatchee World – November 30, 2013

Endangered Species Act turns 40 years old — and faces midlife crisis
By Alan Boyle, NBC News – November 29, 2013

N.M. students take refuge in bus stop ‘kid cages’ as gray wolf population soars
By Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times – November 28, 2013

Local wildlife instructor follows track of a wayward wolf
By Sam Barbee, SnoValley Star – November 27, 2013

Ranchers track wolves with GPS
By Tyler Tjomsland, Tri-Valley Dispatch – November 27, 2013

Snake River pack blamed for attack in northeast Oregon
By Eric Mortenson, Capital Press – November 27, 2013

Third Snake River Pack depredation confirmed
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – November 26, 2013

LETTER: Writer shouldn’t have been mocked
Letter to the Editor, Wallowa Chieftain – November 26, 2013

LETTER: Non-lethal measures worth the trouble
Letter to the Editor, Wallowa Chieftain – November 26, 2013

Conservationists urge protection for gray wolves
Associated Press, News 4 – November 25, 2013

California Finds No Reason To Protect Wolves
By Toni Tabora-Roberts, Jefferson Public Radio – November 25, 2013

Emotions run high over gray wolf delisting plan
By Tim Hearden, Capital Press – November 25, 2013

Feds say gray wolf no longer endangered in West
By Tim Hearden, Capital Press – November 25, 2013

Cattle ranchers track wolves with GPS, laptops
Associated Press, Idaho State Journal – November 24, 2013

Conservationists urge protection for gray wolves
Associated Press, San Hose Mercury News – November 23, 2013

Rumor of Whitman County wolf attack on livestock is a lot of bull
By Rich Landers, Spokesman Review Outdoor Blog – November 22, 2013

Gray wolf delisting meeting in Sacramento tonight
By David Smith, Siskiyou Daily – November 22, 2013

Fans of wolves clash with livestock ranchers
By Hudson Sangree, The Sacramento Bee – November 22, 2013

Feds Still Gathering Comments On Wolf Reintroduction Plans
By Pete Aleshire, Payson Roundup – November 21, 2013

Reviled, Revered: Is the Gray Wolf Still An Endangered Species?
By Katharine Fong and Lauren Sommer, KQED – November 21, 2013

Wolf delisting hearings underway this week
By Ralph Maughan, The Wildlife News – November 20, 2013

Feds’ push to end endangered protection for gray wolves ignites foes
By Bruce Finley, Denver Post – November 20, 2013

California wolves: Endangered species needs help to be saved
By Amaroq Weiss, San Jose Mercury News – November 20, 2013

LETTER: What’s what with parasite?
Letter to the Editor, Wallowa County Chieftan – November 20, 2013

Second strike against Oregon wolf pack
By Eric Mortenson, Capital Press – November 19, 2013

California set to deny protections for gray wolves
By Tim Hearden, Capital Press – November 19, 2013

A Hastings-led howl against protecting wolves
By Joel Connely, Seattle PI – November 15, 2013